We are all addicted to something. This has been a constant and evident truth in our culture since its inception. Regardless of era, generation, race, location, etcetera; we all have addictions 

Alcohol, prescription drugs, caffeine, tobacco, over the counter medication.

That is what we think of when we think of addiction. Certain brands come to mind and similar solutions are suggested. 

Go to AA. Lock the cabinets. Drink less coffee.

The modern addiction is a modem addiction. It is the only addiction that is socially accepted and embraced. 8 years old or 18 years old; 15 years old or 50 years old. We get a buzz from the buzz in our pocket. We are detached from our current state of being to be engulfed by an endless stream of apps, texts from "friends", RSS feeds and videos.

This is not healthy.

A small sleection of Modern Addiction can be seen below, the show can viewed in its entirety at modernaddiction.net
Facebook x Marlboro - 2014
I created a series of 11 Posters and 11 websites to coincide with each poster.
The goal of the project was to utilize the strength of a known brand to convey the addictiveness of various social media entities. 
Tumblr x Codeine - 2014
Instagram x Oxycontin - 2014
Please experience the entire show at modernaddiction.net
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