Logo designed by Jessica Raymo
In developing a color palette for Upstate Social, I wanted colors that were bright and active. Upstate Social is a conference that works to make the "boring" side of social media more interesting, so we worked to develop a palette of exciting colors to identify the conference.
I used a mixture of Gotham Rounded and Archer Book for all text in the campaigns. Gotham is playful and welcoming, as is Archer. It was important that all text was legible but also communicated the sense of humor that the conference carries. 
Patterns developed to assist in brand identity
Using the patterns developed for the conference, we created an ad campaign for Facebook and Instagram. We used "This is a Facebook ad" and "This is an Instagram ad" as primary copy to match the conferences tone and to draw attention amongst a feed.The campaign made over 3000 individual impressions and lead to $1000+ in ticket sales.
I designed the website utilizing the full color palette as well as the patterns developed. The goal of the website was to educate people on the conference using text, color, images, and graphics. The website was built by Dan Gribbin.
In collaboration with Optic Sky Productions we created a video-based advertising campaign that saw social media interactions take place "IRL" (in real life.) It was important that the videos maintained a playful tone to express the overall mood of the conference. Videos were co-written by Steve Carter, Optic Sky Productions, and myself. The series surpassed 30,000 views on Facebook. View the full series on Youtube HERE
To coincide with the #SocialMediaIRL series I designed a series of snapchat filters to be used during the premieres of the videos as well as during the conference. The filters were seen over 4,000 times. 
Logos for Upstate Social Good Scholarship and The DMs (Upstate Social Sessions Interview Series)
Form developed to be filled out by potential attendees. After input, we provided a form asking attendees employer for the day off.
Sponsorship deck created to court sponsors of the event
Tote bags for VIP guests printed by Tiny Fish Printing - Photo by Dan Gribbin
Slideshow created utilizing patterns and rounded Instagram/iMessage inspired head shots. Stage Design by Lives Styled. - Photo by Dan Gribbin
Bags given to VIP Guests printed by Tiny Fish Printing - Photo by Dan Gribbin
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