This poster was designed for an organization that builds wells in the south of Sudan so the people that live there have some access to clean water. The water droplet creates a bright burning sun in the background as the people (primarily women and children) are subjected to excruciating heat for days at a time as they walk to retrieve dirty water.

The water dripping down from the "T" into the "A" in the logo signifies the clean water that WFS gives to the people.
"Water for Sudan" - Justin Dusett 2013
This poster was designed for the 2013 Annual Otis Young Speak off held at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY. The tense hand is reaching up to grab the microphone while at the same time; it is suffocating the mouth of the implied face in the poster. The hand is breaking through the harsh barrier of black to reveal the words "INSPIRE" and "EMPOWER".
"Inspire. Empower." - Justin Dusett 2013
This poster was a class assignment where we had to develop a poster for a false event using only type. I chose to work on something that was extremely prevalent at the time; the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State University. The poster was meant to be a clever play on several controversies involving the same terrible acts done by other people in the lime-light. I apologize if this offends anyone; it is meant to be taken lightly.
PEN15 State University - Justin Dusett 2012
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